Masala Mumma  Ready to cook Instant masala is a finest blends of selected spices & other ingredients which are carefully sorted/cleaned & roasted before turning into finest blends than hygienically packed ready for consumption.

Cooking with Masala Mumma  Ready to cook Instant masala you need not to use anything as they are already blended with spices.

Masala Mumma’s ready to cook Instant Masala is mildly spiced. You can add cream/
chilli according to your preference to balance out the taste

Cooking with Masala Mumma  Ready cook Instant masala you need not to add extra
salt. Required Salt quantity is already premixed for generalised taste. After cooking
you can taste & adjust salt as per your taste.

Yes! Cooking with Masala Mumma  Ready cook Instant masala you can do fat free cooking too as this requires no frying of any raw ingredients.

Because everyone has different liking towards fat quantity in dish. Use Ghee/Butter/Oil as per your taste.

Our all products are completely natural, free from Additives, Colours, Flavours & Preservatives.
Yes, They do! Our products use a technique of natural preservation without compromising on taste & quality. Also they are in dried powdered form which comes to you in food grade zip lock airtight sealed pouch packing
Yes! The whole range of Masala Mumma Ready to Cook Instant Masala products are gluten and wheat free!

Most of our products are vegan. However, Dal Makhni & Shahi Paneer Masala are not vegan.

Just follow the easy-to-cook instructions mentioned on each pouch.
All our ready to cook Masalas are natural and preservative free & so it is safe (and delicious) to use them straight out of the pouch! Our masala are very versatile . You can experiment & cook variety of dishes using these Masalas.
You can keep your products kitchen shelf for upto 9 months. Even if you are not full pouch at a time than just zip lock it properly at cool, dry place. No need to keep them in fridge.
All ingredients in Masala Mumma  Ready cook Instant masalas are in dried powder form hence they don’t thaw.
Generally your order takes 3-4 days to reach you. This also depends on your location and pincode.