Our Story

During December 2019 the idea of “Ready to Cook Instant Masala was conceived by well experienced, aged around 58 yrs young mumma Dr. Archana Gupta. She always wanted to use her expertise to create some one point solution for people, which will reduce their pain of meal prepping & running around of collecting 20-30 ingredients to prepare one dish at home. That too this solution must be suitable for all type of meal lovers. Since then drawing from different Indian cuisines she was constantly innovating & developing invigorating & dependable easy to cook instant masalas, having authentic constant taste every time one cooks. That’s how Masala Mumma was born in summers of 2020.

Why Masala Mumma

One of the world’s best chefs Ripert says you can taste the love in really good food – when food is prepared with love, the people who eat it can feel that. “They put love and compassion in the process. That is why we all have one or more favourite dishes from our mother’s cooking, their taste is so much embedded in our memories, that it has the power to resurrect the past.

In 21st century where in most of the households men & women are equally shouldering responsibilities at their work place as well as at home. With growing opportunities many people are migrating to other places & living alone. Hence even knowing the importance of home cooked meals they tend to avoid cooking due to long cooking process & their hectic schedules.

We at MasalaMumma understood the need for cooking your favourite home cooked dishes with their authentic taste in a jiffy.

We have Only Taste & No Haste cooking solution with our, mouth watering ready to cook instant masalas, drawing constant authentic taste of different cuisines from all over India. Our condiments are versatile and dependable You don’t need to add onion, garlic, Ginger, Tomatoes or any extra spices, not even a salt. While cooking with our masalas you can control fat levels in dish or you can even cook fat free dish. No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours are added in our masalas. They come with 9 months shelf life after opening.

Now anyone & everyone can cook their favourite nutritious, immunity boosting dishes in maximum 15 minutes with 3 easy steps
Mix > Cook > Serve.

About Dr.Archana Gupta

Dr. Archana Gupta Ph.D in Child Psychology, a keen traveller, already an established entrepreneur. She conducts women groups through her travel company, during her travel she always have great interest in mingling with locals & learn about their cultures & local cuisines from every Indian state or any country she visits. Over the period of time she has gained enormous knowledge about special herbs & spices which are used in that particular region’s cuisine. She is an avid learner, who has one weird hobby of tasting any dish in restaurant & immediately identifying all major ingredients than cook it by herself at home.